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Novel Writing on an iPad


NaNoWriMo is about to begin and I will be spending all of my spare time in the month of November writing my third novel. I plan to attend a slew of NaNoWriMo Local Events, including the write-ins. That means mobile writing. I have a work laptop, but it’s generally a bad idea to do personal [...] Read More

Book Three Begins!


November is just around the corner and that means it’s NaNoWriMo time! For the unknowledgeable, November is National Novel Writing Month. My writing has been pushed off to the side for the last year, but I’m back! And I’m ready to write Payne of Uncertainty: Ferox Payne Series Book Three. Stay posted for updates! Read More

Book One Sample Chapters


Read the first two chapters of my upcoming novel, Payne of Oblivion: Ferox Payne Series #1. The sample is available on the Ferox World website. Read More

Using a Pen Name

If you’re preparing to publish (or just beginning to write) you may consider using a pen name. I have a couple of friends that were getting married. She was constantly annoyed that her maiden name was mispronounced and his last name was Thigpen. Yes, Thigpen rhymes with pigpen. When they married they decided that they [...] Read More

Dreams to Life


I had a dream last night. It was of a race in another galaxy panicking because their sun was dying. They looked like us. They were human. They were scared. They needed help. Their entire planet needed to be moved before it was erased from existence. The dream had absolutely nothing to do with my [...] Read More

Book One Cover Edit


I’ve messed around with different cover design over time, but I decided it was time to get down to business. After all, in the next few months I plan to put a book up on Amazon. I came up with a design and I put my book covers up on Facebook to get my friends’ [...] Read More

Book Two Outline Complete


I’m really on fire and the outline for Book Two is complete. In Book Two, Jen will learn a little more about the two Ferox factions called Griffleon and Coraleon and their roles in the government. She will learn that her friend Victoria had a little Ferox help winning her horse races thanks to her [...] Read More

Book One Awaits Final Edits


I’ve completed some serious edits to Book One. Jen will now be telling us her story in the first person. Since the original manuscript was written in third person perspective, it was not easy. Jen doesn’t learn things that happen in the order that they happen. She has to get information from other people through [...] Read More

Book One Cover Design


Nothing’s set in stone, but I’ve been working on Title and Cover design for my first book. And, subsequently, Books 2 and 3. Read More

First or Third Person?


I finished a novel for my daughter back in 2009. I’m ready to take that to the next level. I have a good grasp on my fictional world. I have an overarching plot developed. I have characters developed that I haven’t used yet, but have big plans for them. An I originally planned my book [...] Read More