The Ferox World is a fictional world developed by the author Stephenie Young. This world is introduced through the experiences of Jennifer Payne in the Ferox Payne Series. There will eventually be other series.

Ferox Payne Series

The series tells the story of Jennifer Payne, a Ferox Empath, as she learns more about what she is and about the Ferox World around her.

Payne of Oblivion (Ferox Payne Series #1)

At 16, Jennifer Payne finally realized that her emotional turmoil was caused by her Empath ability. First, she worked to block everyone out. Now she’s learning to selectively open to those around her, only to realize that she is not alone in her ability. The more she learns, the more she is drawn into the danger of the Ferox World.

PayneOfAwakeningCoverCrop Payne of Awakening (Ferox Payne Series #2)

Jennifer learns more about herself and how to control her abilities. She’s doing well, but there are lots of problems around her. Her friends are in trouble. Her enemies are in trouble. And there’s more to the Ferox World than she had imagined. Her friend is unknowingly part of a gambling scheme. Her enemies are playing a dangerous game with their abilities. Jen’s Empath ability helps her to gather information about those around her, and she plans to help people, whether they want it or not.

Payne of Uncertainty (Ferox Payne Series #3)

Over the summer, Jen goes to Europe and, with the help of her mentor, dramatically increases her abilities. At home, she uses those abilities to learn more about the Griffleon plots of fighting, kidnapping, murder, and large-scale genocide. She has to work with the Coraleon government to learn everything they can and stop these plans before they start.

Payne of Awareness (Ferox Payne Series #4)

Jen tries to balance her growing attraction to her boss, her concern for her mom’s health, school, her full-time job, and all of the information that she’s gathering. Most importantly, to fight a plan for a massive Mortie slaughter and worldwide Ferox war, she has to develop relationships with other Ferox and hunt for powerful stones.