The Ferox World is a fictional world developed by the author Stephenie Young. This world is introduced through the experiences of Jennifer Payne in the Ferox Payne Series. There will eventually be other series.

Ferox Payne Series

The series tells the story of Jennifer Payne, an Empath, as she learns more about what she is and of the Ferox World around her.

Payne of Oblivion (Ferox Payne Series 01)

Jennifer Payne is a girl coming into her special abilities. As if being a hormonal teenager isn’t hard enough! She not only has to deal with her emotions, but the emotions of everyone around her. Jennifer is an Empath…

PayneOfAwakeningCoverCropPayne of Awakening (Ferox Payne Series 02)

Jennifer learns more about herself and how to use and control her abilities. She’s doing well, but there are lots of problems around her. Her friends are in trouble. Her enemies are in trouble. And there’s more to the World of the Ferox than she had imagined.