Payne of Oblivion is the first book in the Ferox Payne series. It begins the story of Jennifer’s journey.

Jennifer Payne is a girl coming into her special abilities. As if being a hormonal teenager isn’t hard enough! She not only has to deal with her emotions, but the emotions of everyone around her. Jennifer is an Empath.

Christopher is quiet but very clever. He’s an inventor. And he likes Jen. But Jen isn’t sure if she really likes him or she is just feeling HIS emotions.

Henry is a new student at Jen’s school. He is nice to Jen and so good-looking that even the most popular girl in school wants to be with him. Jen has no idea how he feels about her. Henry is the first person Jen has ever met that she couldn’t sense.

As Jen comes into her abilities, she becomes suspicious of Henry. As she spends more time with Christopher, she is drawn into the danger that surrounds him. As Jen finds out more, she realizes that she is not alone in her abilities. She is one of the Ferox!