Payne of Awakening (FP#2)

Payne of Awakening is the second book in the Ferox Payne Series. The series tells the story of Jennifer Payne, an Empath, as she learns more about what she is and of the Ferox World around her.

Book Summary

Jen’s friend, Victoria is excited about jockeying her first race. Jen and her friends go to the race track in Lexington to watch her run, and Jen notices Steve Lawson. He is known as “Lucky Lawson” at school. Jen recognizes him for what he is: Ferox. She sees that Steve likes Victoria and is helping her. But he’s also in trouble. By beating the odds at the races, he is changing the future and this attracts the attention of some powerful Ferox, drawing Steve into a dark and dangerous world.

At school, Jen learns that tests have been stolen at school, mysterious late-night parties happen at secure warehouses, there are Ferox-related thefts in the area. Jen suspects some Ferox students of the crimes and tries to help before someone is caught or killed.

Jen also has a mysterious connection with the girl that is using and hiding the power stone. If the wrong people get that stone, Chris is in danger. He could be forced to open a portal to another world and release a dangerous army. Jen has to learn who is behind all of the trouble in Lexington before something terrible happens.

Book Status

This book is complete and is in review before I look for an agent and publisher. For more details about the status of the book series, see the author website at

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Book Sample

A sample is not yet available for Payne of Awakening.