Payne of Oblivion (FP#1)

Payne of Oblivion is the first book in the Ferox Payne Series. The series tells the story of Jennifer Payne, an Empath, as she learns more about what she is and of the Ferox World around her.

Book Summary

Jennifer Payne is a 16-year old Empath. For years, she thought that her emotions were out of control, but now she knows that she’s feeling the emotions of others. As her ability grows, she starts to notice strange behavior around her, and realizes that she’s not the only one with abilities.

Henry, a new student, arrives in Lexington, Kentucky, just as Jen gains control of her ability. He’s the first person that Jen can’t read, and it makes her suspicious. When a stranger warns her that Henry moved to the area to watch Ferox students, Jen investigates. Ferox are people with special abilities, like Jen and a few of her classmates. She decides to bring those classmates together and warn them about Henry, who isn’t what he seems.

Jen’s abilities continue to grow as she finds more and more Ferox at her school. A classmate accidentally uses her ability and needs Jen’s help. When Jen is kidnapped, she has to use her ability to gather information so that she can find the source of the danger.

Book Status

This book is complete and is in review before I look for an agent and publisher. For more details about the status of the book series, see the author website at

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