The Ferox are human beings that are genetically and/or environmentally predisposed to have a strong physical, mental, or character strength. The Ferox’s powers begin during adolescence and are usually controllable by age 16.  The Ferox have no differences in their DNA and there is no detectable physical difference in either their bodies or brains, though those with mental abilities do show a greater level of brain activity. No scientific reason can be found for their abilities, and no one has been able to manufacture or force the onset of abilities.

Signs that you might be a member of the Ferox:

Until around the age of 16, you are average-looking, then get progressively more attractive.
You find that you are always hungry, eat constantly, and don’t gain weight.
You feel well-rested and can’t get more than around 4-5 hours of sleep a night.
You never get sick and if you are injured you heal very quickly.
You can run very fast and have quicker-than-average reflexes.
You have an unusual ability that started when you were going through puberty. As time goes by you become more adept at handling that ability.

If you think you might be Ferox, go to the Omnibellum Government website and read about Registration.

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