Welcome to the Ferox World!

The Ferox are a group of fictional characters with special abilities. These characters are a figment in the imagination of Stephenie Young, author extraordinaire. To read more about Stephenie, go to the author’s website at www.stephenieyoung.com.

So, now that we have the reality disclaimer out of the way, let me introduce you to the website.

  • Books: Read more about the book series that introduces the Ferox characters.
  • Author: See the latest news straight from the author website or head there yourself.
  • Ferox: What is Ferox? How do you become one? And more questions are answered.
  • History: Read a brief overview of the history of the Ferox – The first recorded history and the beginning of the government system.
  • Abilities: Learn about Ferox Abilities and the Ability Levels
  • Contact Us: Contact the Site Manager or the author.