The Ferox display a wide array of abilities. The abilities can be sorted by several categories. Some abilities are physical and some are mental. Some are active and some are passive. Some abilities cross those boundaries.


Most abilities fall under the following descriptive titles. These are the terms that the Ferox use to refer to themselves and other Ferox. For most titles, there are more than one ability that would apply to that title.

  • Bender: bends light – makes things/people look invisible ¦¦ controls light/darkness – rooms, buildings, areas
  • Bonder: bonds objects together ¦¦ metal and magnet control
  • Breather: breathes under water ¦¦ doesn’t need air
  • Chaser: locates objects/people – track actual objects or people ¦¦ ability tracker – track objects or people by following the abilities
  • Clicker: computer – programs, data, networks ¦¦ control mechanical items – cars, locks, complex objects, etc ¦¦ engineer – electrical mechanical, computers – build, design ¦¦ Virtual Reality – go into computers
  • Creator: copies handwriting ¦¦ what they write/draw comes true – it is actually created or changed
  • Feeler: empath – feel emotions, intent,”flashes” with strong emotion ¦¦ ability sensing – type – abilities and artifacts. Can’t find, can only detect when nearby and tell what the ability is ¦¦ super senses
  • Hugger: (Referred to as a tree hugger) elements – earth, water, fire, air, weather, heat/cold ¦¦ plants/animals
  • Jumper: project self – project “self” outside body ¦¦ bilocation – able to be in 2 locations at the same time
  • Mixer: atom control – molecules, nuclear blasts, change object properties, change body density (liquid, gas)
  • Mocker: assume identity of other people – voice, memories
  • Mover: (move self, others, and objects usually) climb anything ¦¦ displacement – dimensional, time, space ¦¦ flying ¦¦ gravity – can do whole rooms by changing gravity ¦¦ speed – self only ¦¦ strength ¦¦ time – stop/slow
  • Pusher: causing emotions ¦¦ draw, write – things appear, but aren’t real ¦¦ plant visions – can plant visions in other people’s minds ¦¦ projection – can project good/evil and trick anyone sensing that ¦¦ puppeteering – force physical acts with mind ¦¦ telepath – plant suggestions
  • Receiver: learning skills – combat, cooking, etc – physical skills ¦¦ subconscious mind reading – while asleep or unconscious ¦¦ telepath – read minds ¦¦ recall – memories, including your own
  • Shielder: mental shielding – others, objects, self ¦¦ physical shield – others, objects, self
  • Shifter: chameleon – others, objects, self ¦¦ change size – tiny to giant – others, objects, self
  • Speaker: languages – speak/understand all languages ¦¦ radio waves ¦¦ sound – sonic waves
  • Toucher: cause/heal allergies ¦¦ cause/remove intoxication ¦¦ kill germs – purify water ¦¦ medical – healing, DNA, pain
  • Watcher: see future/past – close, long, change, no change, person, object, death… ¦¦ spy cam – view current vision of places you’ve been ¦¦ vision – x – ray, uv rays, heat vision
  • Winker: sleep control – wake someone unconscious, control dreams, put people to sleep
  • Zapper: electric charge – static electricity/lightning, charge batteries, power electronics

Often, if you ask someone about their ability, they will say, I’m a Level 3 Shifter. Levels play an important part of knowing how powerful the Ferox is.


Define the Levels:

  • Level 1: Novice Level: These are basically parlor tricks or things that beginner magicians can appear to do. People that remain at Level 1 are dismissed in the Ferox world and the Mortal world. They have weak abilities and don’t have complete control.
  • Level 2: Student Level: These people have more control over their ability, but not completely. They usually have to be very close to something or someone to use their abilities. They tire easily. There are a lot of people at this level.
  • Level 3: Practitioner Level: These people have control over their ability. They can turn it on and off at will. They are limited by distance and strength. They get tired when heavily using their abilities. Most Ferox past their majority are at this level.
  • Level 4: Expert Level: These people are strong and controlled. They can reach long distances. They don’t tire easily and are highly respected. People above this level can do amazing things. There are quite a few people at this level, though most of them are nearing retirement age.
  • Level 5 : Master Level: People at this level are extremely powerful. They are able to use their abilities over great distances and while asleep and unconscious. They are the pinnacle of what every Ferox wishes they could do. They rarely tire by using their abilities. There aren’t many of these.

As your level increases, you tend to develop more abilities. This is an example of a Feeler at the different levels.

  • Level 1: Can sometimes feel the emotions of others. Can’t control it or make it stop. The people usually need to be in the same room.
  • Level 2: Can intentionally read the emotions of others, and sometimes their intent. Can block it when it is weak, but not when it is strong or when there are many people around. Can reach from nearby rooms or close buildings. Can read multiple people at the same time but may have trouble understanding it all or telling what emotion came from whom.
  • Level 3: Can intentionally read the emotions and intents of others. Can get flashes of things they see when something specific is on their minds. Can hold a block and lower it when they want and only for specific people or locations. Can block most strong emotions. Can read people they are familiar with from long distances. Can’t read over phone or computer. Can read and understand multiple people at once and pinpoint specific emotions to the right person.
  • Level 4 : Can read emotions, intents and shallow thoughts of others. Can see images and memories in people’s head when they are thinking of them. Has complete control of their mental wall. Can read emotions and intent of anyone from great distances if they know what they’re looking for. Thoughts of those nearby or those they are familiar with. Can read voice over phone and computer, but not text only unless they know the person. Rarely tires from using ability.
  • Level 5 : Can read the emotions, intents, shallow thoughts and full memories of others. Can tap an emotion and trace it to a memory. Can get emotions off of objects and see object memories. Complete wall control. Can trace thoughts from any distance and even from strangers if they know what to look for. Can’t track the person, but can get clues. Can read voice over the phone or computer, and can use the thought patterns from a text to find the emotions and intents and some thoughts of the writer. Rarely tires.