The Ferox have around for a very long time. According to Ferox Lore, the Christian Bible is filled with accounts of the Ferox. But factual recorded Ferox History began in the 10th Century.

Richard the Lionheart

The first recorded organization of the Ferox began with Richard the Lionheart.

Richard I was born in 1157. At the age of 16 he came into his abilities. Richard had a very unusual ability. He was “Other”. He had one of those abilities that was difficult to categorize. He couldn’t be defeated in open warfare. He couldn’t be killed in battle. And he could not die in captivity.

Thanks in part to this ability, men were honored to be chosen to join his army. This allowed Richard to be particular. Soon, Richard was collecting Ferox. His adviser could change the molecular properties of an object. He could turn any inanimate object into gold, for example. That’s what Richard prized him for the most. He could turn a brick to straw, or a wooden sword to the strongest of steel. Since this man was retired, he could sense the existence of other powers. Therefore, his adviser helped him select members of his army.

Richard was able to add Watchers, Feelers, Shielders, Receivers, Speakers, Movers, Mixers, and Shifters. His favorite Shifter was a Ferox that could alter his looks so that he could appear to age.

Richard was a good and righteous man. However, all of the Ferox that he surrounded himself with were not. Some grew weary of battle and went off to find solitude or happiness. Some wanted his power and went off on their own to empower themselves. Some were very loyal and stayed to protect him. Some stayed to plot against him. Richard was killed by one in his handpicked army.

Richard was attacked by a young boy who wanted vengeance for his father’s death. He shot Richard with an arrow in the shoulder. Richard had to call for his doctor to remove the arrow. According to Mortie history, Richard died of gangrene from the wound. In actuality, a member of the Ferox (a Mixer) created a poison that slowly killed Richard. He died in 1199.

The War Began

This polarized his army and two groups were formed. The Coraleon – meaning “Heart of a Lion” and the Griffleon – meaning “Claw of a Lion”. The Griffleons immediately seized power and had Richard’s body cut apart and buried in different locations.

Fighting and skirmishes broke out between the two groups. Morties were sometimes drawn into the war, as were other members of the Ferox. When Morties became aware of the Ferox, they would band together and fight. Sometimes they would join one side or the other, but they quickly learned that beheading a Ferox would kill them. There were “witch hunts” and soon things were getting out of hand. It had become a war of us all.

Creation of the OmniBellum

Eventually, a young woman by the name of Farah was discovered. She was completely neutral and was often called upon to settle individual disputes. Leaders of both sides came together and met with Farah and the OmniBellum was born.

People were chosen to represent both sides. The ultimate goal of the OmniBellum was to protect the Ferox. The biggest protection was from the Morties. The existence of the Ferox was to remain a secret. Teams were gathered to convince Morties that Ferox stories were just fiction. Those that had seen the Ferox in action had those memories removed.

The second protection was to protect Ferox from other members of the Ferox. So citizens were permitted to charge other citizens of crimes and the entire OmniBellum system was designed and implemented.